Our Story

Young World (formally known as FilmWorks Row) is a growing production company that is taking great leaps in film, and media production. Young World focuses on bringing a real and natural aesthetic to filmmaking through story, character, and resolution. The goal is to create films that encompass the heart of independent stories while attracting a commercial audience. Young World’s trajectory of filmmaking is to connect with the modern generation, but still have the depth that more experienced moviegoers will appreciate. Viewers will be able to enjoy a roller coaster ride of emotions throughout the films, and still leave with a story that keeps a positive outlook and powerful message. Young World does not shy away from taboo topics, or fear ruffling feathers. By doing this it naturally creates buzz, which prompts meaningful conversations for viewers to have. 

Young World believes the world belongs to the young. The young at heart, and the young in mind. We encourage and support those who are willing to change, seek change, and inspire change. 

Entertain with social change.